• Integrated Dry Needling Intensive Hobart
    June 13, 2020 - June 14, 2020
    8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Integrated Dry Needling Intensive Training Program

Combine clinical up-skilling with the  the amazing sights and events of Hobart’s winter Dark Mofo festival


This program provides all lecture material and technique demonstrations online and an amazing intensive,  two day, practical workshop.  The online material includes all lecture content and techniques previously included in Level 1 and 2 Integrated Dry Needling and Sports Integrated Dry Needling plus additional new clinical reasoning and assessment lecture material.

The online material comprises 12 hours of lecture material covering all the required safety and hygiene, clinical reasoning and screening based testing content and videos of the practical demonstrations which can be reviewed for up to 12 months. The ability to view the practical demonstrations multiple times before the practical workshop greatly enhances participants performance during the practical sessions.

Registration Options

1.Integrated Dry Needling Intensive

-appropriate for suitably qualified health practitioners  with no previous dry needling experience or with acupuncture or other dry needling

Registration Includes

  • Integrated Dry Needling Online Course
  • Integrated Dry Needling Online Preparation Course
  • Integrated Dry Needling  Live Intensive Workshop
  • Two Skype Q&A sessions in the weeks prior to each practical workshop and an amazing two days of pure practical .


2.Integrated Intensive Extras

Registration Includes

  • as for Integrated Intensive Complete
  • + 1 hour Skype tutorial follow up
  • +eternal access to the Integrated Dry Needling Techniques Videos

3.Integrated Intensive Refresher + Online Theory Review

Registration Includes

  • Integrated Dry Needling  Live Intensive Workshop
  • Integrated Dry Needling Online Course
  • Integrated Dry Needling Online Preparation Course


  • Previous Integrated Dry Needling  Live Intensive Workshop
  • or previous  Sports Integrated Dry Needling L1 & 2  or Dry Needling Plus L1 & 2


View Online Course Material Covered

View Integrated Intensive  Practical Workshop Program

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Ground Floor, 23 Antill St, South Hobart, Tasmania, 7004, Australia

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