Integrated Dry Needling Online Course Introduction

This introduction to the Integrated Dry Needling Online Course provides a nice overview to the Integrated Dry Needling concept and what distinguishes it from other approaches.


Integrated Dry Needling Single Leg Stance

This is a short overview of a longer presentation “Specific application of musculoskeletal screening guided dry needling to optimise dysfunctional single leg stance ” which is presented live at physiotherapy conferences

The Evolution of Integrated Dry Needling

This short video outlines the short history of Integrated Dry Needling and how it has developed over the last two decades into its current form. Great background information for anyone considering Integrated Dry Needling training

Integrated Dry Needling and Dry Needling Overview

This short video is a recording of a live webinar hosted by David Pope from Clinical Edge who have hosted many of the Integrated Dry Needling courses held  in Australia and New Zealand. The video covers a general overview of dry needling , how  and  why Integrated Dry Needling developed from it and some of the unique characteristics of the Integrated Dry Needling approach

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